On Your Period MUST-HAVES & Other Advice

Let’s be honest, menstruation can suck the life out of you - no pun intended.

I, for one, have never been one of those girls who become moody or grumpy when I’m on my period. In fact, I LOVE IT. Why? Because I eat a lot and food tastes 10 times better. I also have cravings for chocolate and hot chips. So, if I’m not at all bothered by having my periods, then what’s the reason for this post? Well I’ve come to learn the trivial things in life, that can make being on your period a million times easier. So, I decided to make a list, an alphabetical one, because I’m not sure how many tips and tricks I can write out, so I didn’t want to give the heading a number, then think things out of my butt just to reach that number. Here goes.

A.   Mybuelin helps to reduce the cramps I get. You know when you can literally feel your uterus being torn apart into tiny shreds and coming out of you? This helps a lot with that. You can get it at your nearest pharmacy.

B.    Food, when I’m on my period, tastes 100 million times better and I always eat it to savor its succulent, deliciousness - like right now, I’m eating KFC chicken and I’m typing this whole post using one hand (impressive hey?) well I use my pinky to shift when I need a question mark or a bracket. But yeah. So, the whole point of me saying this is don’t deny your body of the food it craves to appreciate. Feed it! You'll work it off if you ever feel like doing so.

C.    Give in to any cravings you might have. As mentioned in the beginning, I have this insatiable craving for chocolate, and I give in, making me more happier, less cranky and more approachable.

D.   Hot water bottles are AMAZING. They also help with cramps and are great not only for cramps but to keep warm when it's winter.

E.    You don’t have to fulfill the: “Girls Are Moody’ stereotype when you’re on your periods.C-H-I-L-L, there is no society of menstrual women keeping on the lookout to see that you uphold the moody standard, so calm down. You’re still yourself. You’re just leaking blood downstairs, no big deal.

F.     Sleeping with those extra-long and thick night-time pads can make sleeping peaceful and worry free because you know you won’t wake up with a leakage freakage. Having that comfort is the best thing ever.

G.   Never be embarrassed to talk about your periods. You should checkout Libresses’ new TV advert, where instead of using actual terms related to our menstrual period/that time of the month, they use unicorn, and other absurd words to show that when you want to un-embarrass your period, you are and sound completely ridiculous. Check the video out over here, if you haven’t seen it yet. This is practically the most important must-have/advice I can give to all my female readers out there. Being on your menstrual period is absolutely, not something to be ashamed of but rather something that all women need to embrace.

H.   I know how when you’re on your period, sometimes everything that you usually do when you’re not on your periods may seem daunting but don’t let your periods stop you from doing what you do every day. If you have to vlog, vlog, if you have to blog, blog. Do you, every day.

That’s about it. If I think of anything else I’ll be sure to update the blog post, you’re also welcome to drop comments on some of your period MUST – HAVES and advice.

Happy Perioding 


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