Pilaten Black Head Remover

I  had the privilege of trying out the new Pilaten Back Head Remover mask , Courtesy of RubyBox.  Its my first time ever trying a mask of any sort,  so naturally I was extremely excited to opt in to receive the products and to actually get chosen to review it! Not only does the mask remove black heads  but skin impurities as well.
First things first , there are a few T's and C's that you absolutely have to adhere to especially if you want to see results and they go like this:

You should clean your face with a face cleanser ( optional but recommended to clean any additional impurities on you face )
  1. Steam your face by either doing one of the two :
    a) Microwaving your face cloth for about 30 seconds and then putting it over your face. - This method is easier than the second one in terms of things you have to do but the face cloth does lose its heat faster so you have to continuously heat it up in the microwave.b) boil some water, put it in the basin or in a small bucket and cover yourself with a towel over the water - of course the steam can be extremely hot so you should wait a few minutes before covering yourself.
    You should steam your face for approximately 10 minutes or more or until you feel your pores are sufficiently opened up.
  2. Pat your face -- don't rub it as this may close up your pores - so as to dry it
  3. Apply the black head remover mask , apply it evenly , slightly thicker around the edges so that you can easily peal it off when it's time.
  4. Wait for about 10-15 minutes or until you can feel that the mask has dried up completely and then peel it off - during your waiting period you can scroll through social media, tweet, snap, anything.
  5. Moisturize moisturize!
Comments about the product ? 
It left my skin extremely soft after I used it which is great because i'm all for soft , and clear skin.
I'd definitely recommend the product to anybody who isn't afraid of painfully taking the mask of , and would love to get rid of their black heads or simply have soft skin.
If you're interested in getting the product , you can get it here or alternatively here.

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