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If you're at a loss for gift options, NEWS FLASH:  Having your friends' gift delivered to them can be the BEST thing ever. I've never had any problems with shopping online , besides the fact that they don’t take DEBIT CARDS.
Okay, Clarification :  They do, but you have to go through this whole process of calling a certain number and blah blah blah. This is the only thing that makes online shopping less of an ease than in-person shopping.

BUT fear not because there are other payment alternatives.
I know with Superbalist you can pay cash on delivery ( which was really great because when I was shopping for a gift online, my debit card was refusing, I was really frustrated and cash on delivery was extremely easy. )
shopping online is an extreme treat when you're a first-timer on the site, because they give you discounts on top of discounts. Well… they generally do give discounts on top of discounts, not just when you're a newbie, its just that the percentage is a lot more when you first sign up and order your first item.

The only disadvantage though, is when it comes to clothes. You don’t really know if a certain piece of clothing will look good on you or fit well regardless of the size chart aids. Even with this, there are return options where you can swop out your item for a  bigger size , a smaller one or just a complete return of the product.

With spree - Listen to this , it’s a first hand experience - I was sent a bralette from a friend down in the western cape , the bralette was a size too big so I emailed them, sent the required documentation - since everything is sent online ( original order documentation ) and I had a physical copy of the order details, it was a breeze. I had the bigger size picked up and a smaller size delivered a few days later, all without any extra costs. They really do go the extra mile for their customers and I appreciate that. 

The most obvious reason why online shopping should be a thing - or a bigger thing than it is at the moment -is this: THERE ARE NO LINES!  Now, I don't know about you, but I really hate waiting in line for stuff that's NOT food ( my tolerance level for food is really high ) so online shopping was basically a gift given to me to fill out in-person shopping time with other stuff , like scrolling through social media.

unfortunately , without a job ( i.e ME ) I cant afford to shop online and some require a delivery fee ( which i don't have ). I know Superbalist doesn't charge a delivery fee so ill be forever buying things over there.

remember if you're fresh out of gifting ideas, have their gift delivered by their door! it'll be such a pleasant surprise that they wont even care whats inside the box , well momentarily.

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