New And Improved Dove Formula

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A few Days ago I was lucky enough to receive these babies via post , courtesy of Rubybox!
I Tested both the Dove original antiperspirant with the new and improved dove formula and the invisible dry one which was tested on 100 colors.

I was more excited to try this can because with my previous deodorant , it'd leave stains on my black and white clothing which I absolutely hated - there's only so much a washing machine and the worlds #1 Washing powder can clean off.
I tested this for 4 days and the results were extremely impressive. I made it a point to wear a black top on the first day and a white top on the second day and a slightly blue top on the third, all three t-shirts were stainless!

Likewise with the Dove Original - in terms of the results. I tested this for 3 days and it also exceeded my expectations , with the 48 hour protection dove states it has 

Overall what I really liked was the fact that when I spray it , it doesn't leave white residue on my underarms which actually, can do a lot for your confidence , especially in summer ( unless your underarms aren't shaved and you have a mini-bush growing underneath there ).

Another attractive thing about the products is that they smell really good! So even if you're sweating (like, for example, you're at the gym getting your gym on ) you can still smell fresh, and if you smell fresh , you feel fresh!

You can get yourself a can over here.  

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