Is That Art?

Its the outcome of that expression that is art - Photography and quote by me
This is definitely something everyone thinks about, its what I thought about looking at this Sculpture.   IS THAT REALLY ART?

I mean there have been a couple of questionable artworks out there, like for example, pictures a 4 year old drew, an empty canvas and even a dot.

I suppose people think that art has to be specific , it has to address a message , make a political statement be a juxtaposition and so forth. They have these imaginary standards / guidelines on how art should look like and what it should tell people who look at it.

A common misconception about art is that in order for something to truly be art it has to look exactly like the picture you took of yourself, that you now decided to make a self-portrait, using oil paints, on an A3 canvas, WRONG.
If art was to be defined as the creation of exact replicas, of real life observations, then photography wouldn't exist.

Art is defined by the artist. whatever I think is art, is art, and perhaps some wont view it the same way but that's their problem.

Art doesn't have to be perfectly carved arms , and eyes on a self-portrait sculpture .

We each express ourselves in different ways , and its the outcome of that expression that is art.

So next time someone questions your art, Laugh. Laugh at them.

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  1. Yeah I agree, bc people tend to believe that everything has to be a Mona Lisa for it to be great art when all that matters is the interpretation of the artist. Great read 🙌


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