GALATA - The Most Affordable Bakery & Coffee Shop

Photo Taken From Galatas' Facebook Page And Edited By Me

Everybody loves coffee, students love coffee shops.

Galata a new, Turkish inspired,  coffee shop based in Braamfontein- it is a definite must go.

Normally coffee shops have outrageous prices and cakes that look really tantalizing but for R45.00 a slice you'd rather day-dream about having it in your mouth than to actually buy it. Well , fear not because this hot shot coffee shop is A F F O R D A B L E.
I feel like it was created for the average student who is for fees must fall and knows how rough these "streets" can be.

What are the perks besides the fact that it's affordable? Well for one , their food is A M A Z I N G. They have this Smit burger that’s really round and basically has the roundness of a cake that one person could eat alone, its tummy-filling , taste-buds'-ride-on-the-highway-to-tastefulness . Literally a kid in primary school, who gets R20.00 pocket money and thinks they’ve won the jackpot would be extremely happy there.

Photo Taken From Galatas' Facebook Page And Edited By Me

They have these really cute miniature scones which are soo delicious and like R1 each , so like even if you have R5 you can rock up into the store and feel like you're carrying a million bucks. The employees are all happy-go-lucky people but not to an intense level, like hippy nation vibes - no offence to hippies - but what I'm really trying to say is that they're extremely friendly. An example of this is that my friend was accidently bumped by one of the waitresses, the waitress felt extremely bad, she gave her a cupcake on the house. A blue , Oreo-stuffed, deliciously decorated cupcake for absolutely N A D A! Just because she bumped her , even though uLungile - my friends' name - had said she'd forgiven her.

Photo Taken From Galatas' Facebook Page And Edited By Me

To top it all off its next to the immigrant - which plays great music at night. It's next to the sign that says "BRAAMFONTEIN" in bottle caps . So you can snap a quick pic of yourself and your homies, "doing the most" in braam and let people on twitter, Instagram and Facebook know that you are the it THANG.

Sorry, "THING" because like , nobody says "THANG" anymore.

it's Super Student-Budget Friendly So :

Don’t Forget to check this place out! Its really worth the hype.

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