First Exam As A Long Distance University Student

So I just had my first exam about a couple of hours back , At 11:30 to be precise. My exam venue is The Heartfelt Arena in Pretoria. It's about a 15 Minute drive - even less if my dad is feeling like a sports car driver- from where I live and so I literally left the house at 11:00. I wasn't nervous at all because I've written dozens of exams in high school and this wouldn't be any different. 
The only difference is that it's multiple choice, well this specific exam - I have a visual Literacy module which has two written essays for the exam ( Wish me luck, essays' are lit in uni) - so I don't have a lot of writing to do. 
It's crucial that you bring your own watch so you can see when the window period to leave is ( One hour into the exam and 15 minutes before the end of the exam) which is by far the most attractive thing about university exams. 
That's exactly what I did , My exam started at 11:30 - you have to be seated 15 minutes before the exam starting time , So 11:15 in this case - 
And I left the examination room at 12:37. 
*Insert Happy Dancing Emoji here*
The exam in itself was okay. I don't want to say more than this at this point because when my marks come back I could either get the biggest shock of my life , be extremely happy because it's more than I expected or the middle option, Be neutral about it ( The " If I studied that section more I would've prolly gotten ten marks more ). 
The examination process was extremely effortless and easy. I thought it'd just be Introduction to Art History (ARH1501) students only, But that's not the case. 
[Side Note: ] As I'm writing this I crave chicken licken. 
There's a girl sitting next to  me who's eating that . 
There are other modules writing as well and at the entrance there's a bored that tells you which row you're in and from seat number what - to what [ ARH 1501 - Row 4 , Seats 1-10 ] So finding my seating place was easy and I didn't even have to ask anyone. Let me leave the details here because if I continue to write any longer , It'll basically be those rules and regulations papers a University gives you about the way things work when you write exams. 
I'm extremely happy with UNISA apart from the fact that my lecturer marked my first assignment I submitted and the completed one I resubmitted two days later which resulted in a visual literacy (ARH1501) Mark of 30% and a side note on the cover page of my first assignment stating " Good luck with exams" - which I really felt was a " Good luck with exams because you're going to need it because your work was  mediocre if not poor".
But other than that issue which is currently being sorted out, All is well 
[ Side Note: ] UNISA is soo chilled vibes especially since I'm doing a BA in Digital Visual Arts. My stress levels are -0% Actually. 
Oh and PS: I'm definitely going to Chicken licken now. 

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