Eau Thermal Spring Water

I Initially thought this was some sort of cream / lotion with thermal spring water as an extraction. That's not the case , It's a small , light & portable can of literally thermal spring water. It has many uses from nappy rashes, to getting rid of redness and helping your make-up set to simply packing it in your cosmetic bag on a long road trip to your summer vacation. I thought, however, that it really didn't have any use for me since I wasn't in any of the situations above so I sprayed it on after bathing everyday and to my surprise it actually made my skin softer.

I had had a slight rash on my face and the next day after applying the water it started to disappear , two days later my face was clear. I'm addicted with the spray and apply it throughout the day , long after I've bathed. I'm currently in CPT and the heat can be unbearable so the spray is extremely useful to relieve the heat. Despite the product making my skin softer I really don't see myself buying this unless I have an excess of money to spend, or a baby that has a diaper rash.

It's not really student friendly. The target market seems to be for 18-year-olds and upwards but I don't picture any university student buying it.
You can cop yourselves the spray at any Dischem as it's recently launched there

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