Conference Eats

I attended my first conference with my dad. It was the My broadband conference -if I recall correctly because I mean lets be honest no one really goes to conferences for the conference but for everything else in-between.

The conference was held at Galagher Convention Centre in Midrand. I must say the conference venue was really ... gorgeous (for lack of a better word) its a neat space , and the conference hall with the desk and stage is even more impressive. the seats are comfortable and you get a free small, cute water bottle accompanied with a pen and a blank note pad where you can make notes and so forth.

what I really liked about the conference was the food. The food was AMAZING and there was never a shortage of it. it was served buffet style but the lines weren't painstakingly long  (surprisingly) 

For breakfast , chocolate as well as cheese filled croissants , muffins and an abundance of free coffee.

Truth coffee was there !! which I really appreciated since I've been dying to go there because a friend of mine recommended it to me and I didn't get a chance to check it out when I was in Cape Town recently. At least I got the coffee - minus the experience - which is better than nothing.

Lunch was the picture in the beginning of this post and i'm not really sure what lunch was , I'm pretty sure the small bowl there is some sort of chicken Breyani - which by the way was really delicious.

Besides the well prepared food, there was also the matter of the "Gifts" you get for participation of a mini-put-put game or listening to what the people from different displays have to say. I just remembered that the conference was about cloud computing. i got pens , bottle openers, entrance to competitions to win an iPad  and car ( which you fill in before the conference starts ) a Chinese box of sweets, free coffee and a mini tub of cotton candy.

Conferences are awesome. They even offered desserts and cocktails.

Conference eats are a definite 3/5 for Me 💚💚💚.

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