A Close-up Perspective Of Self Acceptance

Self Acceptance is something a lot of girls in todays' generation battle with. We as women are constantly scrutinized and looked at through a magnifying glass. We are objectified and expected to look and behave a certain way. what makes the situation even worse is: this is not only done by men but by fellow women who ought to be standing together in solidarity and yet we allow ourselves to be societies spectacle.

I recently had a digital interview with the awe-inspiring, gorgeous & Confident Gcina who, in this article will shed some light on her road to self acceptance.


"Self acceptance to me, is embracing your flaws and not caring what society has to say, because society will always have something to say about anything and everything."

 "I've had a few attempts trying to accept myself but society brought me down each time. I would say in 2015, towards the end of that year, I really started accepting myself. This time I saw things in a different light , I did it for myself and no one else."

And Just as every journey has its beginning, there's always a reason behind every journey, I asked her what prompted her to go on this journey of self acceptance, she replied: "I was sick and tired of hating myself because of what society didn’t see as a norm" 

It takes us a while before we realize that society's standards on beauty and how we as women ought to look, conduct ourselves and etc is a completely unattainable standard that, in the process of trying to reach that standard, it breaks us down.I asked her when did she realize that accepting herself as she is, is enough and that she didn’t have to be like the Instagram girls teenagers idolize, she replied: "In 2015. I read an article on Facebook and people were bashing a fat woman for doing a sex scene and it was then that I realized that society is messed up and no matter what you do they will always be ready to bash the next fat girl for anything. I then decided to walk a little taller, dress as I wanted and try not to care what people thought of me. I realized that day that I was robbing myself from self love and I didn’t want that anymore. For the first time, I looked at myself in a mirror and fell in love with my flaws. My flaws represent me, uGcina, with my big arms, big tummy, big thighs and fat rolls. I realized there is no other me, life is too short to be spent hiding away and that it was time I love myself regardless if the next person wont. God created us all differently and if society doesn’t love big then why should I hate myself for what they don’t love? I love my big!

"I used to cover myself up in long tops which fitted big on me, I starved myself , tried different diets but they never worked, I honestly thought to God , "Why ME?", "Lord, why did you make me big?", " I don’t like my Big!". Looking in the mirror was hard as I didn’t want to see my big thighs.

"I see myself now, as a beautiful lady whose come a long way to accept herself, I'm in love with myself . I love being in my own skin, I love walking around naked, sleeping naked. My Family and friends know this by now. I can finally say I love myself for who I am. I wear whatever, without stressing what people will say. I honestly do me now. It’s a beautiful journey!

Sometimes when we go on a journey of any sort we struggle, we have bad days and sometimes we wake up and its like we're back to square one, taking this into account I asked her if she's ever woken up and felt like she's not happy with her self anymore / back to square one, she replied: " I honestly don’t even think of giving up on my journey, like I said earlier, on I've attempted accepting myself before but I fell down. This time something is different. I do, however, have days where I don’t feel sexy, you know? But even on those days, what's important is that you love yourself. I'm big and I'm loving it. My big is beautiful.

Getting some words of wisdom from someone going through a journey you think of going on can be extremely encouraging , and so I asked her, what words of advice would she give to any girl out there struggling with self acceptance and she replied: " Self Acceptance is so important and with having the media influence us to dictate what we like or not, society tends to leave a lot of souls feeling worthless and uncomfortable in their skin , but I would say to any young girl struggling to accept themselves is to try not to care what people think. People will always have something to say, so try to start shutting the world out with their opinions and go on your journey, with God by your side to give you strength. Also, another thing that could help is to find a group of big ladies - Like minded people who are dealing with same issue as you- and talk about the things you face on a daily, motivate each other, be each others' support system, That helps a lot. I don't think of giving up on my journey because I know I'm not the only one. Self acceptance leads to self love, you can never love yourself completely if you haven't accepted yourself.

uGcina would love to answer any questions women out there have for her regarding her journey of self acceptance, click this link and you can get asking away. She would love to share some more personal insight into her journey to any of you who are interested.

She aspires to inspire other girls who were like her, struggling with their self image.

Always remember, Empowered Women , Empower Women.


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