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So , my real name is Nthabiseng Brenda Salemane, and as you've guessed, while reading the first part of this sentence, 'B" comes from my second name, Brenda. don't call me "Ma Brr" (It's a South African thing)

I know my blogs' name is quite the tongue twister , (You should check out my YouTube channel) I started this blog with the vision of simultaneously starting a YouTube channel, so the blog is the vlogs' blog and the vlog is the blogs vlog. easy to understand , right?
Besides that, this is all about the creator of B vlog blog, Me. 'About Mes' are so stressful because you never really know what people want to know. If I had to write an honest and in-depth 'About Me' , I'd probably end up writing an autobiography, because essentially that's what an 'About Me' is.

So to get on with it, I'm an African South African young lady, whose currently studying a BA in Multimedia in Digital Visual Arts (yeah I don't know how to phrase it better than that) and I've been wanting a blog since I was a youngin' & now its final and official.! This blog is a lifestyle bog, an extra than extra one , because for those that know me, they know how extra I can be. I also wanted to have a category that speaks about black stigmas that are present in our society today as well as general stigmas that cripple the teenage generation, who are for double taps, re-tweets, hashtags and follow mes'. I believe I present a unique writing style, trying to add a bit of humor here and there despite my lack of it.

I'm a slave to procrastination (I promise i'll be better - said no procrastinator ever), and an addict to social media (who of us isn't in this day and age?) I always tell myself i'm going to start being a gym bunny but end up waking up to a bar of chocolate and a glass of soda, followed by oats or a high dosage of carbs. I'll never tell anyone to go on a diet or exercise, because I know that I can never get to the point where I actually do all of those things myself, so baby girl, eat your cheese burger if you really want to. I'm working on starting a YouTube channel , because if you're really enjoying this "About B", (which is Low key an autobiography) then you'll definitely enjoy me on camera. The problem is, though, it's really hard to be myself on camera , it's like all of me just disappears. It's the haters... trying to get me.

I think of myself as a creative, you don't need to know why,  because really I don't know either. I've started drawing, creating video artworks and trying to accumulate as much knowledge I can from the art world - who still tries in 2017? (said my lecturer).
I've been trained to take criticisms left, right, center, middle and top view, so you can troll, you can express yourself in the crudest way possible,with regards to my work and I could still take something out of it , whether it's that I should really lengthen my posts or that you're actually a crappy person and move on with my life. My art is under scrutiny by my lecturers every time I present, and they are savage, once called my work "Cheesy" (no it wasn't about cheese) .

So if you're here to get a glimpse of the life of B , or to secretly get to know me (from a distance), or you simply just enjoy the content I put out, don't forget to hit the subscribe button. and follow me on my other social media outlets.


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