1 May 2018

May Letter From The Blog Editor

Can you believe we're literally a month away from being halfway through 2018. Scary isn't it? For me it's because in June I need to have a little sit down with myself and assess how I've progressed throughout the +- 6 months of the year. Check my goals, my achievements and milestones. it's basically going to be a reflective period. If things need to be adjusted they will be and if I need to reality-check myself, I will do so.

Overall I'm quite okay with how everything in my life is going, even though I'm neck-deep with school and the stress it causes me. My positiviy reassures me that I WILL 💪💪kick ass when it comes to examinations - If I stick to my study timetable then everything should be okay. My goal is to basically pass the first semester. I'm not being unrealistic and expecting distinctions, I just want to pass. The distinctions part will come in second semester.

I've certainly underestimated the work that goes into balancing school and a full time job. Not to mention my side hustles, it's a lot but I've realised that putting in the effort is necessary to see progress hence why I've solemnly vowed to do better next semester and in my upcoming examinations.

March & April have been fairly good to me - life in general actually. I'm looking forward to studying for exams (it'd be the first time I'm opening my textbooks), using my Entertainer App (Lots of 2 for 1 meal deals at great restaurants) taking much-needed mini-vacay's and banging inspirational blog posts that currently working on publishing within the coming days - check the Facebook page and all my social media so you don't get FOMO.

I recently started a YouTube channel which currently only has 2 videos up. I'll be posting weekly and the content will go hand in hand with the blog and you'll get to know me on a more "Personal" Level through my 'The Babe Behind The Blog' Category. 😉😉

I've adopted a spirit of learning and acquiring new skills - my iBooks library is filled with self-improvement books that I plan on gradually reading. I'm dead-set on becoming a better me - not physically... more like internally.

Overall May is really a month for re-structuring & re-assessment. I also couldn't be any happier than I am right now. Despite the stress, I can see a lot of progress within myself, school, my endeavors and my job. Positivity is really doing the most. 💃💃 My advice to you this month of May is to take the time to de-stress because it's examine season and some of us tend to get overwhelmed. Self-care and mental health care is just as important as studying for your degree - it's actually even more important.


  1. The month of May has been good to me.I finally joined a hiking team at school.which is good cause I have been saying that I want to be fit...

    1. I’m glad to hear that ♥️, All the best with trying to keep fit (I can never do it 😭) and have a great year 💯


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