COMFITEX : First Impressions

So I recently received these Comfitex products courtesy of Beauty Bulletin! I'm extremely excited to try these products. This whole set is like the ultimate menstruation Kit! I'm so excited that i'm wishing I can get my period ASAP. my overall impression of the products' is that they make me feel excited about being on my period instead of making me feel like it’s a daunting process.

Comfitex Disposable Sanitary Bags
FYI, Comfitexs' Disposable Sanitary Bags' are the first of its kind in South Africa (WHOOP WHOOP). They're also environmentally friendly and SMELL GREAT. I must say, these are LONG overdue! They're perfect for when you're somewhere where your'e out of the comfort of your own home, and need to discreetly dispose of sanitary pads. Packaging wise I think it's portable enough for you to take it with you when you're going to need it most. Aesthetically, GREAT. It gives me that girly feel but in a feminine way and a not so girly-girly way.

Comfitex Ultra-Slim Pantyliner's
*SCREAMS* The packaging of the pantyliner's is a ziplock bag!! I LOVE this feature because the pantyliner's I use are in a box (Yay. Not so fun). Because it's in a mini-ziplock-bag, it makes portability an advantage. Also, an A+ for aesthetics. The pantyliner's aren't lying when they say ULTRA SLIM. These babies are really slim.

Comfitex Feminine Wipes
Feminine wipes are a MUST-Have when you're on your period. It's the most hygienic way to wipe yourself down-there, when you're changing pads. Again the size of the product makes it easily portable so you don't have to worry about not being able to bring these with because they simply wont fit into your school bag/purse! So you can easily slip these in your school bag/purse and they can be used for other things as well. Comfitex Ultra-thin Scented Pads  Maxi-Thick Unscented Pads. I don't understand why the Maxi-Thick pads are unscented and the Ultra-Thin ones are? I think because we use Maxi-Thick pads for when our flow is heavier that it would be scented. I'm curious to see how the Maxi-Thick pads work. Again, A+ for the packaging. I really can't fault anything! I'm trying to be as honest as possible! The Ultra-Slim pads are definitely portable, the maxi thick on the other hand? uhhhh No. You're going to have to slip the pads themselves into your bag instead of the entire packaging - I'm not saying this is a con, because that's what we do anyway.
Overall I'd say Comfitex definitely made these products with portability in mind as well as aesthetics because, both of these pay a role in making us feel like menstruation is a fun thing. These products are individually retailing for not more than R20 so, you can get this whole kit (Depicted in the picture above) for R100 !!
I'm super stoked  to be trying the products out so, be sure to be on the lookout for social media posts, videos, and blog posts.

Top 5 Spring/Summer Sneaker Picks

It’s been quite a cold– ish week but there’s no denying that spring/summer is upon us. Spring & summer are personally my favorite seasons because it means visits to the beach (when we’re down in the Cape with family), endless pleas from my sister to go swimming, slices of watermelon, glasses of Oros with ice cubes, homemade-store-bought ice cream, the opening of all the windows in the house and laziness as a result of the extreme heat. Spring and summer just give me major positive vibes!

Despite the spring/summer weather, I will forever be a sneaker girl and so, I present to you - In Collaboration with Superbalist - my Top 5 Spring/Summer Sneaker Picks, that I would wear throughout spring/summer. They aren't in order of importance because, I love all of these sneaker picks.

1. Womens' Cassic Cortez

Nike Sneakers are a must-have on any sneaker picks list. I fell in love with these babies when I saw them paired up with a long skirt and it looked sooo summer ready! That’s why I thought this'd be a great pick (especially for those of us that are sneaker-savvy) because not all of us are for sandals that show our toes (We don’t all have super-glamorous feet). These are also currently trending.

2. Stan Smiths

It's funny how all these classic Adidas Originals Sneakers are trending years after their original releases! It goes to show that classics are the best! You can never go wrong with a pair of Stan smiths. They're extremely cute and can be easily paired with an outfit.

3. The Classic Vans Slip Ons

These are super simple to pair up with any outfit and ensure maximum comfortability! Of course, please wear them with ankle socks because the heat in summer, plus shoes worn without socks, results in smelly feet. They're also super easy to wear, hence the name "Slip Ons". This is my go-to sneaker for the causal t-shirt and a jean or even a slip on dress.

4. Chuck Taylor All Star Metallics OX

Summer isn't Summer without a pair of low-cut Chuck Taylors!! This Chuck Taylor is a spin on the old one with red and blue lines, except it doesn't have those lines. This item is another must-have for summer. No discussion needed. You can literally pair these with anything in your wardrobe! From your casual T-shirt & Jeans, to jumpsuits & Play suits. I'm Pretty sure these'll be available for years to come because, they never go out of style.

5. Classic Old School Vans

I Love, Love, Love Vans! , Who doesn’t love Vans? This sneaker pick is a great way to make your outfits look cooler than the cool kids. It gives outfits a cool-kid or a vintage element (depending on how you pair them with your outfit) to them. You can pair it up with some ankle-high fish-net socks, any pair of socks you'd like to show off or just your simple discreet socks.

If you think these sneaker picks are a bit too pricey for you budget... fear not, I've got you and your wallet covered!

DID YOU KNOW?? (you probably didn’t)

Superbalist is running a R250 off for first-time-buyers promo! Simply download the app on Android Or IOS (Click on the operating system you use) and get ordering Away!

With R250 OFF of your purchase and FREE 'N EASY delivery + Returns, the sneaker/s you buy for spring/summer will not dent your pocket!

There are a variety of payment options to choose from as well so, there's no reason why you can't cop yourself a pair of fresh sneakers to cruise through spring/summer with.

** Pictures are taken from Superbalist



If you haven't already read the article I published about Spring Fiesta, no Problem, just check it out over here.
You Could win a ticket (Courtesy of Vibescout) to THE HOTTEST πŸ”₯Spring/Summer Fest 😍😎with an amazing line up of artists, hosted at an amazing venue, Ekurhulenis' Wild Waters.πŸ’†πŸ’ This is an event YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS. So, if you're' in need of a ticket, then you've come to the right place! Doing any ONE of the three actions below, will give you an automatic entry into the competition:

1. Liking BVlogBlogs' Facebook Page, which you can do over here
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** winner will be announced on Saturday. 

A Must Do For Brand Recognition

Procrastination is the thief of productivity

You can’t get anything done in your life if you allow procrastination to get the best of you. There have been lots of articles on how to beat procrastination (Trust me I've googled self-help articles on procrastination a dozen of times) and nothing seems to work, that’s because people often write from their perspective, about what helps them to beat procrastination, and we are all not alike!

This article is not about procrastination, it's about the results of procrastination. When you allow procrastination to take the wheels in your life, you will lack consistency. A lack of consistency in your brand (Can be yourself, because you are a brand on your own) results in negative consequences.

Consistency is key πŸ”‘πŸ”‘πŸ”‘

There's a reason why consistency is important, it's because consistency is one of the things that highlights your brand to potential partners/investors etc, and no one wants to work with someone who isn't consistent. Think about it, if you don’t take care of yourself physically, do you think potential suitors or bachelors would approach you? Or even take an interest in you? (Granted, you could have someone still take an interest in you but they will not be the kind of suitor you would like to attract). Likewise with your brand, consistency shows your dedication towards your brand, the love you have for it and the potential you see in it! Which brings me to my next point. If you aren't consistent, it reflects badly on your brand.

Wake Up With A Goal everyday ⚽⚽⚽

I think this can help a majority of people deal with their procrastination habits. Setting a goal for each day helps in some way to get you focused, unless you lack motivation and live for doing nothing. I honestly think that having a goal for the day gives you the needed motivation to at least do something that particular day. If you're not a pro at this, you have to start out small. Lazy habits aren't easily broken. So don’t overwhelm yourself, but of course don’t aim too small.

What is a Goal? πŸ’πŸ™†πŸ™…

A goal, in the dictionary is defined as: "The object of a persons ambition or effort, an aim or desired result."
Another definition is: "The destination of ones journey"

The first definition is relevant to this blog post, you ultimately need to have "The Goal" (described as the second definition above). Which is where you see yourself/brand going, and the little goals (first definition) you set each day are what help you to achieve that goal. So you have to ask yourself what you'd like to achieve tomorrow that can be added to your progress.

"Nothing beats a determined and focused woman."

The perks of waking up with a goal in mind everyday are as follows:
·    It's an easy way to keep track of your progress in terms of reaching your ultimate goal (Second Definition) πŸ“πŸ“Œ
·         Aids in getting you to become consistent. πŸ‘πŸ‘
·         You know what you want to achieve for the day and are less likely to procrastinate, because it gives you the feeling that you are living for something/have purpose. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ


If you struggle severely with procrastination, you should either google tips and tricks to help you or you seriously need to reevaluate your ultimate Goal/s. It could be that it doesn't excite you enough for you to be ambitious , hardworking and determined towards it/them. 

Spring Fiesta Ft Vibescout

Calling all those who reside in Jozi and those of you who like being where the vibe is at, this article is aimed specifically at you. We're nearing the end of September and everyone knows that as students we need to get turn't (Get Partying) before exams begin and we simply cant wait for them to end! It's the time of the year where everyone is psyched, not only students (because for us we're one year closer to our degree) but for the general public as well, because nothing beats the Spring/Summer Season filled with lots of public holidays and many festivities! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

In less than 2 weeks, the party playground of Wild Waters, in Ekurhuleni, will once again play host to the 7th Annual Spring Fiesta. Your home girl will be there ( Ticket Courtesy of Vibescout), question is, WILL YOU??πŸ’πŸ’†πŸ˜Ž

The line up is exciting! I'm looking forward to watching destruction Boys tear up the decks with their Gqom (I've never, ever seen them perform live, so i'm really excited). Other artists' i'm excited to see include:
Nasty C (Because I can't get enough of him),
Black Coffee
Black Motion
Ricky Rick and Lady Zamar πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

These are but a few of the artists' performing,other artists include:
DJ Tira & Big Nuz
Lulo Cafe
Ms Cosmo
Twins On Deck, And Many More! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Images Taken From Spring Fiestas' Facebook Page

If You're already feeling the FOMO, fear not because YOU CAN STILL GET TICKETS! Ticket prices are as follows:
Phase 1 and 2 tickets are sold out, but you can get Phase 3 (For every ticket type) which are going for:
General Access Phase 3: R350.
Phase 3 VIP: R650.
Phase 3 V-VIP: R1000

They also have packages available ( Only 3 Packages left) which are as follows:
Birchwood Platinum R2800
Which includes:
2 x VVIP Tickets
1 x Double Silverbirch oom
Shuttle to & from Spring Fiesta
2 Tickets/group

Birchwood God
Which includes:
2 x VIP Tickets
1 x Double Standard Room
Shuttle to and from Spring Fiesta
2 Tickets/Group

Birchwood Silver
Which includes:
2 x GA Tickets
1 x Value Stay Room
Shuttle to & from Spring Fiesta
2 tickets/group

With a variety of ticket options and packages, you CANNOT MISS THIS EVENT!

Simply click this link, and you'll get more details about the event (like, who else is performing🎢🎡), you can also buy tickets, as well as share the event so you can let all your other friends know, because you DON'T want to have FOMO!  - especially with the impressive line up they have in store for us!πŸ˜›

Photo by Vibescout on Vibescout

As students, it can be really hard to know where it's popping during the weekend, that's why it's helpful to have things like Vibescout! As the name Implies, it scouts the vibe FOR YOU! Visit their website here, enter your email address to subscribe to vibe updates and you're all set! You can also view a list of events when you're on the website. Be where the vibe is at, don't let the vibe miss you! it's a great way to know which events to go to, after a long and hectic week of tests, never-ending-modules, and everything else that's stressful about uni life. 😁

If you feel like spring fiesta isn't your kind of vibe, you can find other events in jozi that suit your vibe over here.

PS: If you spot me with my camera and what-nots', don't be afraid to come over and say Hi 😊

The Guide To Essentials

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

In my previous (and first) article I spoke about creating my own blog but I'm here to stay on the BVlogBlog! I also promised you guys an article on the products that you can start your journey off on. I would suggest trying out testers or samples just to see what works for your hair but, I've included what I have used and  I am currently using. Feel free to email me with your questions ( I've divided the products into sections of use: wash, moisture and also tools so that you have an idea of their uses.


1.      Oils for the PREPOO process (optional)

Prepoo is the process of applying oil or conditioner prior to shampooing. This process helps retain moisture after washing  by preventing your hair from drying out. I would suggest doing it overnight. You can also do the detangling process during the application.

Products used/using: Caival Fusion Oil

2.      Shampoo

Try get SULFATE free shampoo but this all depends on your hair, some naturals have no issues with sulfates. Sulfates tend to strip the hair of all oils including natural oils, leaving hair with a straw-like feeling. I keep my hair in the twists/plaits and wash it. This helps prevent your hair from tangling thus losing less hair.

Product used/using: Aunt Jackie’s Oh So Clean! Shampoo and Tresemme Botanique (contains sulfates but does the trick)

3.  Conditioner/Co-wash

A Co-wash is the use conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo, I am yet to try this. Or you can just condition as normal after shampoo (like me), a normal conditioner helps restore the sleekness and softness in the hair.

Products used/using: Ultimate Blends Conditioner (nourishing and sleek restorer)

Image result for ultimate blends conditioner clicksImage result for ultimate blends conditioner clicksImage result for ultimate blends conditioner clicks

4.     Deep conditioner

Deep conditioner prevents damage, adds moisture to your hair, soften, promotes elasticity, adds shine as well. The deep conditioner is applied to freshly washed hair and the application of heat is optional. This should be done on every wash day.

Products used/using: Dark and Lovely Deep Masque and Originals Hair Mayonnaise

5.   Protein Treatment

Sometimes the hair gets weak and brittle and protein does just the trick to cure this. You don't necessarily have to buy the protein treatment. You can use what's in your kitchen like eggs, milk, and mayonnaise. This should be done at least once a month or when you feel your hair needs it.


  This is where the LOC, LCO and LOCS etc is implemented. I prefer doing this on wet hair for a better curl definition but that all depends on you.

Image result for afrobotanics leave in conditioner clicks1.       Leave in conditioner

You can either use the leave in, in its cream form or place it in a spray bottle with water and oils.

Products used/using: Afrobotanics Leave-In

Image result for curl la la clicks2.       Cream

You can use a curling cream or Shea butter.

Products used/using: Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La La and Shea Healing unrefined shea butter

Image result for caival clicks

3.       Oils

This is where my favourite fusion oil pops up again-- doing the most. It's the best, trust me, it contains most of the essential oils and carrier oils such as peppermint, olive, black castor oil and avocado.

Products used/using: Caival Fusion Oil


Spray bottle for your mixture of leave-in conditioner and water or just water and oil to keep your curls hydrated during the day
Wide-tooth comb and/or detangling brush to comb/brush out the knots
Shower cap
Hair ties without metal attachment [metal attachments pull on the hair and cause unnecessary breakage] or you can cut up old stockings to make hair ties!
Massage brush can be used as a shampoo brush and massage brush. This helps stimulate hair growth and it feels great on the scalp!
Sattin/Silk Bonnet or scarf
The bonnet is to be used to cover your hair when sleeping or going about your activities at home. This helps retain moisture while you sleeping by ensuring that the oils applied remain in your hair shafts and also prevents damage and tangling the hair.

Related image

All these products, tools and more can be found at Clicks, Dischem, and New Looks Cosmetics (NLC). Clicks is always running a 3 for 2 special where you can get three products but get the cheapest one free.

It will take time to get into the swing of things but once you’ve got it, it’s a breeze. You don't necessarily have to use everything I’ve mentioned as what works for me doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you. Listen to your hair, the more you listen, the easier it will be finding suitable products and bring on the growth.

ADVICE: Last year I joined a natural hair support groups and that helped me find the right products, learn all the different methods and more. The people there are real, friendly and always willing to lend a hand in the natural journey. Join on facebook for advice, tips, inspiration, updates on events and motivation. It is also a perfect platform to ask all your burning questions.

I really hope you guys enjoyed the article. Please comment on the post and share  it.

-          The Bee Ivy

Simply Maverick

People are going to criticize, that's life but, use it as a chance to improve, and always be inspired by the world"

Hey There B Babes! This blog post is bound to make your Friday an insightful and artistic one! As I was scrolling through the gram, I stumbled upon @Simplymaverick and his illustrations. Since they inspired the inner creative within me, I decided I should interview him about his illustrative talent as part of my Young Creatives category and ask him to give us the insights on being an illustrator and the meaning behind his illustrations.

Since there's been an increase in young creatives, I thought this would be the perfect article to inspire the visual artists', the Up-And-Coming illustration creatives and anyone else looking for inspiration to become a creative. This is how our digital interview went:

I asked him to describe himself in 5 words so that we can get a picture of the kind of guy he is, these are the five words he used to describe himself:


I asked him if he's a self-taught illustrator or if he studied to become one, he replied: "I'm Self Taught, so, technically I studied in my room". See?? Creatives can be funny, not all of us are full of cynical or sarcastic comments

I asked him what inspired him and how did he start illustrating, he replied: "I remember I wanted to start my own clothing brand (coming soon in 2018 watch the space) and I needed to design the clothing so, my cousin recommended that I design it on an illustration software. He'd thrown me into the deep end and didn't tell me how to use it so, I started playing around with it, and I got the hang of it and saw that I could do much more with it. I'm a creative person by nature so, my outlet used to be drawing on paper but then I realized that I could take it digital. That's how I started. What inspires me is the world, if you look at what I create, it's so random and all over the place. The person who inspired me to start illustrating was an IG account called somehoodlum , his stuff is SO cool I told myself that I Could do that too, and add my own touch"

I asked him if his illustrations carry a deeper meaning, he replied: "Sure, some things do have a deeper meaning and others nah, but that's up to the viewer and how they interpret it. Some of my earlier stuff was brands on common objects like Nike Bread and an Adidas toothpaste, some people just see it as something cool others see it as the brand controlling what you buy, just because something has a brand name on it doesn't mean it's better. So, it mostly depends on peoples' interpretations"

I asked him how long it takes to create an illustration, he replied: "Depends on how complex I want to make it, the longest I've taken is 5 hours but the simple stuff take 10-15 minutes. If I have to give an average maybe an hour and half"

I asked him how he chooses what to illustrate and he replied: "Usually, something just pops into my head and I go with it, if I see something that peeks my interest, I see how I can make my own version of it"

I asked him if he considers himself a creative and why, he replied: "Yeah I do. I mean everyone is born creative it's just that some use it more than others and I'm lucky to be on the side that does. Why do I think I'm a creative? That's a hard question. I think I view the world differently. When I see an object, I see more than just the object, I can see what else it can be used for. For example, you look at a brick and you just see it as a resource to build a house, but as a kid you used that same brick as a car and made roads with the dirt using the brick. It's all about perspective.

Lastly, I asked him what words of advice he'd give to young/future Illustrators, he replied: "No idea is stupid, just draw whatever comes to mind, you don't need all the latest and expensive software to start(I illegally downloaded mine and I'm going fine). Practice a lot , you'll be shocked at what you can do one day. People going to criticize, that's life but, use it as a chance to improve, and always be inspired by the world"

You can check his work out on Instagram

I truly hope that as creatives of this generation that you were inspired. Drop your thoughts and comments below. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡