Starter Tips For New Naturals

Firstly, I would like to say well done on starting this new journey because it's going to be a smooth journey if you follow these tips as best as you can. I won't be giving you budget-breaking tips, so breathe, I'm a student myself and I can't afford ridiculously priced products. Let me stop rambling and begin with what you guys are here to read.

In the first year of your journey, you'll need to find out what works best for your hair. This can sometimes be easy or extremely hard.

1. We'll start off with the PRODUCTS YOU NEED THE MOST, they're a matter of life and death, or just dirty-free and fresh hair: These products will help in your hair regimen

Shampoo (sulfate-free)
Deep conditioner

2. Key element for healthy and strong hair is MOISTURE. Moisture will prevent your hair from becoming dry, brittle and from breakage. Dry hair is prone to hair breakage. 

For the best moisture retention, you’ll need to follow the LOC, LCO, LOCS or LOCO etc, method. They letters stand for:

L - leave in conditioner/Liquid
- Oil (olive, grape-seed, castor etc.)
C- Cream

- Sealant

Choose one that works for you, make sure to do plenty of research. I use LCO as it leaves my hair moisturized for days. This method should help you retain moisture. 

3. DON'T COMB YOUR HAIR WHILE IT'S DRY, please 🙅🙅I am begging you. I don't care about you, but I do care about your hair. If you do want to comb your hair, spritz it with water or spray, don't drench your hair in water. Just a one,  a two (or three) and done. Invest in a wide tooth comb, it does the things

You can use this in the de-tangling process too but that’s an article for another day.


4. PROTECTIVE STYLES do the things bruh! But you must do it the right way 😊. By protective styles I mean extension braids, braids with your own hair, weaves or twists . Protective styles do exactly what the name implies; protect your hair for a few weeks without the constant combing and styling. They can either be done with your own hair or with extensions but they do the same thing; protect your hair. Make sure you keep your hair moisturized while in its protective style by: oiling your scalp at least once a week if you're lazy like me, and by using a braid spray. This will prevent breakage when taking off the braids. 
5. TRIM YOUR HAIR at least once a year, if you want to be stingy like me. Trimming helps remove the dead/split ends that could potentially damage all your hair if not taken care of. I will do a follow up article on how I trim, no need for heat or the hairdresser.  While we on this topic, please invest in a pair of hair scissors. Normal scissors could damage your hair even further.

BONUS TIP 💪💁💇: DON’T USE HEAT ON YOUR HAIR. Heat leaves your hair dry and brittle and could lead to hair breakage. If you love your hair, stay away from it, please ( I’m asking so nicely). There are different methods to stretch out your hair without heat. Keep an eye out for the different methods.

That's all from me... for now. I will be doing a follow up post in more detail about how to use the tips mentioned above, hopefully on my own blog. Keep an eye out. Hope I didn't leave y'all hanging!

I Would love to hear from you guys on how my first article went, please comment below on what I could improve on when I start my blog. This will be much appreciated. Thanks for reading my article.

- The Bee Ivy

Xperimental Swenk


Xperimental Swenk recently launched their SociallyIncorrect clothing line, and I  must say its been a hit with everyone. To say thanks to their fans they also launched a competition asking their fans to state why women blue tick men, of course , I had to get in on this action because the prize was a socially incorrect sweater! you know how I am with FOMO guys, I don''t like to be left behind, so I submitted a couple of my entries across Twitter, Facebook, and even Whatsapp! Here are some of the entries, including my winning tweet!:

Of Course, ladies I had to tell the truth, because these guys need to know. There were lots of entries , and the entries were extremely funny. I was in Cape Town when I found out that I had won the competition, so I got the  Tshirt a week after the competition ended when I landed in the land that is Johannesburg. The sweaters had not been delivered yet so I opted for a Tshirt instead, and I must say it looks bangin'

Blue Ticks Cripple men is more than just a Tshirt, if you'd like to get yourselves a Tshirt just click this link, and message Xperimental Swenk, please, only serious queries only.
Xperimental Swenk incorporates African prints with all of their collection and this truly sets them apart from any clothing brand. Using African Prints within our clothing designs, in South Africa ,instead of allowing them to be exploited by international designers, has been a thing lately & this brand sets itself apart from all other starter brands that just have something written across different color Tshirts, without any meaning to it, really.

SociallyIncorrect has developed into more than just a hashtag across twitter and Facebook, Xperimental Swenk launched a SociallyIncorrect Instagram account a few days ago and this is what they're all about:

SocialyIncorrect: A Creative counsel that is shaping up the corporate ladder in unconventional ways. The counsel consist of Photographers, Graphic designers, Music Composers, and a Provocative Clothing Range. With clients such as HomecomingEvents and News cafe, This Pack is certainly one to watch

This statement could not be more true! Xperimental swenk, and everything associated with it, is making waves in the creative industry and soon and very soon, I'll say I told you so. 
Apart from the clothing, photography, and shooting DBN Gogo's gigs as well as jetting off to Cape Town for a creatives convention, they have a worth-the-watch web-series entitled Friday, if you haven't watched any of the episodes, I suggest you have a look at their amazing content. Truly, Xperimental Swenk offers more than just words on a Tshirt, Xperimental Swenk is a lifestyle

Here's a list of their social media: 

The Bald And The Beautiful

"I don’t like it, I don’t even like it on guys, it's not nice, I feel like it degrades someone, you can go from a 10 to a 4, just like that" - Christy

"I don’t disapprove of it, it's fine, if it looks great, it looks great" - Sandi

"I would never, I've worked too hard to get my hair where it is, and I'd look damn ugly with no hair" - Lennie

"Uhm, I can't really have an opinion, it's not like I don’t like it, but I also don’t prefer it, if it works, it works, if you like it, then you like it, I don’t have a proper opinion on it" - Banele

These are some of the comments I received after asking a few people what their view of going bald is. It's quite shocking to see how a majority of people I asked deemed it as something that could degrade your beauty. Going bald is clealry an issue for anyone that’s looking for aesthetic appraisal.

I decided to interview Lesego yoli, who recently cut her hair, to give me her opinion and experience of going bald, in a society that’s crazed with 100% weaves and box braids.

I asked her why did she go bald, she replied: "I think it was a matter of starting afresh because my hairline was Dololo and also, because I could start afresh and that it's no big deal because, hair grows back. So that’s the motivation behind it, starting afresh, So my hair could grow properly and to have my natural black African hair.

Cutting your hard-grown hair can be a difficult thing to do, so I asked her how she felt when she decided to cut her hair, she replied: "I was so excited, I just woke up in the morning and I was like " Hey! I think going bald would look good on me" and then I decided, "you know what? Let me cut my hair", so I went to the salon and I had it cut. In a nutshell, I was very excited. I was also excited to hear what people were going to say, their reactions as well the attention of "wow, she actually went bald"

I asked her what gave her the confidence to make such a bold decision, she replied: "Myself. I'm a very confident person by nature, the confidence has always been there, as well as the me being different and me doing me. Self-acceptance played a role as well. I think if you’ve accepted yourself, regardless of how you look you wouldn’t have a problem with cutting your hair. Also because, hair doesn’t make you the person that you are."

I asked her if she regrets cutting her hair, now that she's had it cut, she replied: "No, I LOVE IT, I have a small, cute head, I love my hair. I would cut my hair again but unfortunately, I need it for something, but if I had the option to, I would definitely cut it again. I only wear my weave when its cold, don’t get me wrong, but some outfits look better with hair. Some events I go without my hair(weave) because I am comfortable with my hair as it is, and for some, I’d see that my outfit needs that extra *Insert the funny things somizi says here*. But the hair doesn’t make me.

Since the stigma behind becoming bald is that it's not for everyone or that bald women aren't as attractive as women who have hair, I asked her if people made fun of her or looked at her differently, she replied; "Yes, a lot of people stare at me and laugh, and I think that’s what gives me courage. They laugh at me, but I wanna show them that I can do this without them. They look at me differently, are surprised at my bald head. They're all like " Lesego cut her hair", "She looks like a boy".

"Practically, I don’t aim to attract anyone, attraction is for myself. If you're attracted to me with hair, what's the difference now that I don’t have any hair?. If you like me better with hair, that basically means you're not attracted to me, but you're attracted to my hair, which isn't even mine.
Attraction should be based on what's inside, because my hair will not make a difference to who I am as a person."

Lastly, I asked her what words of advice she'd give to those out there who are contemplating cutting their hair, she replied: "I think:
  • you should do what you'll feel comfortable in, and do it because you want to and not because of what I've just said, but because it’s a decision you’ve decided on.
  • People cut their hair for different reasons.
  • Cutting your hair is not  a big deal, your hair will grow back, trust me, it's not going to be like that forever.
  • you're going to feel a bit of change because of the way people will now look at you and the things that they will say.
  • You're going to love yourself and learn to appreciate yourself without these superficial things."

Hopefully if you've been thinking of cutting your hair, but have been skeptical about it that this post gives you a  different perspective on how to make that decision. Remember, cutting your hair, is really a personal decision and one that shouldn't be made based on the influence of others. Be You!

Dear Black Parents: Art is A Career

Copyright Ocean_snx

It’s 2017 and despite this, most parents’ & People in general are unaware of the fact that a BA Degree/education within the arts, is an ACTUAL Career.
Most Highschool leavers or children (really, this whole entire generation) have been brainwashed to think that a career in art is futile. Granted, to thrive in this industry an immense amount of creativity, hard-work and the in-betweens’ is required, and maybe even some talent. Art is not futile, especially if you love it.

Dear Black Parents: Art IS A Career

It’s true though, that an increase of creatives have emerged, recently from our generation, but despite this, the stigma around black children especially, being involved or studying the arts is still there. At a creatives conference I recently attended, a speaker from the department of education, who studied within the arts, mentioned how he was mocked, and asked why he paid 50 000 (Fees back then?) to study music (I think it was music) and although that was probably, a couple of years back, maybe even more (the guy looks old, but not that old, but old) the stigma is still there.
South Africa's focus as a country is on mathematics and science, which isn’t (entirely) wrong but what if the reason some children aren’t made for school is because they are more creative than numerical?

I decided to have a digital interview with Ocean_snx & he forwarded the questions to the lovely Aaliyah Ahmed to gain their perspective on the matter at hand.

Copyright Ocean_snx
Copyright Ocean_snx
What are you currently studying and what inspired you to get involved in the arts?

AA: I’m currently studying History and Anthropology. Although I do not study "arts" per say, history is still considered as a " Bachelor of Arts" degree. The BA degree is also known as "liberal arts" which, when translated, means " worthy of a free person". This essentially means essential for a free person. Having said this, the arts has been exactly this, freedom. I grew up being encouraged to appreciate art and therefore I was always inspired to partake in it even in a small way. Through art, I can voice things that cannot be said, feel things that have no rationality. Art makes my life lighter.

OS: I study fine arts at UCT. It was never really a choice to be honest, more like a fucken (side note from me: Apologies for the bad language but it fully expresses Ocean_snx’s Love For Art) random blessing and curse at the same time…all you do is feel and understand everything which drives you crazy so you find an outlet which allows you to pour out this craziness in the most beautiful and purist way possible. In return, you stay sane and live another day
Are your parents supportive of what you study?

AA: Yes, they have encouraged me to explore my passions because we have passions for a reason.

OS: My mother does. My dad is typical about it.

Do you sometimes feel that black (any race that is not white) parents restrict their children in terms of what they can study, that they look up to and praise degrees where lots of money can be made and relatives can praise them?

AA: Yes! Coming from an Indian background, many of the parents, of my friends, do not understand why I’m studying what I’m studying. My family in Joburg always cross question me about what I'll do with my degree. For most people, security is the main goal which is understandable considering the struggle they had to endure in order to make something out of their lives.

OS: Yeah, I do which really isn’t their fault, they fought too hard to get where they are. Problem is all these kids just end up in offices, instead of living life with a purpose.

I was blessed to have a mother who raised my brothers and I in a household that allowed us to be free from racial prejudices forced upon us by our elders, family members and my father who’s in the dark when it comes to art. We were taught to perceive the world in a more internal way, a way that allowed us to block out negativity and feed off the positivity inside of us.

As artists, it is our responsibility to be strong willed and focused because people have little light about this industry especially those closer to us. Their misfortunes and upbringing shouldn’t strip you away from your God given talents, you’ll always go far in anything if you put your mind to it, but there’s no telling how far you could go with your talents.

Copyright Ocean_snx
Copyright Ocean_snx

What’s your view of the misconception black people have that you cannot make money through the arts or that studying it is futile??
AA: I disagree with anyone that says you cannot make money through studying the arts. Of course, you can! It also depends on what you place your value on. For some, being very wealthy is the aim, whereas if you are happy and enjoy what you do, you will not need to have truckloads of money because your value will be placed on something deeper than money. Just as there will always be a need for accountants, there will always be a need for artists. Everyone connects with some medium of art, whether it is music, film or clothing.

OSTo be honest the whole misconception has a million factors but one key factor I’ll point out is that Art is something that goes hand in hand with business. You’re not just painting or whatever art it is that you perform, you’re also creating a brand/business, something valuable that needs to be put out there not kept in there.

What would you like to say to young-aspiring black artists who are conflicted in terms of studying a degree in art or going the path, their parents want them to.

AA: When it comes down to it, many young people become the bread winner in a household and have to turn to jobs that guarantee "security". In that case, DO NOT lose your artistic side! No matter where you find yourself, do not suppress it. Too many times we are told that our creative side is not good enough or a waste of time but please do not let go of it! We need more people who are creative! So, whether you find yourself behind an office desk or a freelancer, do not compromise your creativity and keep on finding inspiration to keep that spark alight! If you have the option, go the "artsy" route, nothing worth having doesn't come without struggle!

Travel Hacks For Students : Flights

After My recent trip to Cape Town, I Decided that a blog post on Travel Hacks for students is very much necessary. Because the student life is a life of cheap discounts, budget-Partying, meeting assignment deadlines, procrastination and fitting in 8 hours of sleep within 5 or less hours.
If you're a student who studies in a province that is away from home then this is exactly what you've been looking for, BOOKMARK this, Share it, comment, GO CRAZY.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Everyone knows how expensive flying back home for the mini-vacays you get at Uni can be, but you desperately want to fly back home because you miss your moms home cooked meals maybe even your annoying little siblings or you're simply just tired of res life and need to catch up on some Zzz's.

That you could get a ticket from Gauteng to CPT (or vice versa) for as little as R599 (that’s the maximum CHEAP price.)
I'm not even playing. I've been flying with Flysafair for the longest while now, and they're on time (in fact, Early), give stellar service and are not expensive at all. Of course you have to be smart about this. You should use Flysafairs' Cheap Flight Finder page, to get the cheapest prices on flights ever, and make sure you try and book your flight at least, a couple of weeks before, because the day you want to fly, might not necessarily have cheap tickets.
On top of this, Flysafair is ALWAYS  having discounts, they once had a R100 off flight tickets discount, which I made stellar use of and sometimes they make the ticket prices in correlation with games played by the Bokke (not sure how that works, but when this is done , the plane tickets become 350 and less, around there) I forgot to mention that they are the trusted airline for the Bokke's, so you never know when you could spot the entire springbok rugby team on your flight!
I haven't had much luck with that though, I did, however, sit next to Portia Modise once.

With Flysafair, you don’t necessary have to pay for baggage, if you have a small to almost medium, but not quite there yet, bag and a laptop bag. But if your baggage exceeds 7kg, then Adios Amigos you should add the R150 for checked baggage over 7kg but not exceeding 20kg , If you don’t do this before your flight, they’ll charge you an extra R100 , making it a total of R250.
You might get lucky and have your suitcase taken as you board the plane, which you can collect by the door on your way out of the plane, when it has landed.

True, food, when you're in the airplane, can be expensive. I think Flysafairs' snack options are quite affordable actually, but for those of you who take cheapness to the extra level here are the prices: 

Crisps R10                           Water ( Still or Sparkling) R15
Chocolate R15                     Appeltiser R25
Twinkies R10                       Beers R25
Cool drink R15                     Cuppachino R20
Biltong R35                          Coffee R15
Hot Chocolate R20              Tea R15
Wine R40                             Cider R25
Fruit Juice R10                    Salted Peanuts R5
Jelly Tots R15                      Granola Bars R15
Tinkies R15

In The Morning Food: R40
- Bacon Egg Roll
- Vegetarian Roll
- Chicken Mayo Roll

In The Afternoon Food: R40
- Chicken Mayo Seed Roll
- Vegetarian Roll
- Pastrami And Cheese Roll

See guys? I've been flying long enough with Flysafair to know what's on their menu
But if you think this I too pricey for you, there are a lot of restaurants at the airport (I know of Cape Town international and OR Tambo having a wide variety, any other airport, I'm not quite sure about.) so if you're craving KFC chicken then chicken on., or if its MC Donald's fries you're after then McGetIt. 

There is no particular dress code for when you get onto a plane but its important that you dress comfortably, because you'e going to sit for a couple of hours (depending on where you're flying to) and plane seats are NOT comfortable (unless maybe you're flying business class - in your dreams)

Always read the airplanes rules and regulations on items that can be placed into your bags and items you're prohibited to even bring on board , as you don't want to be stopped by airport security and embarrassed by others.
ALWAYS BRING A FORM OF IDENTITY DOCUMENT OR ANY DOCUMENT THAT CAN SERVE AS IDENTIFICATION this is very important , as you cannot board your flight without this. So it has to be the first thing you pack inside your jacket.

Well, Lovelies! I hope you've found these tips helpful, and that from now onward you choose Flysafair as your airline to get to and from home when its vacay time! 
if you have anything else you'd like to add , feel free to drop your comments  below!

The Thing About Bring And Braais

So this past Saturday, I was invited to a Bring And Braai and was instructed to bring some meat to braai  (Obviously, because it’s a bring and braai) as well as a beverage.

Spoiler alert: bring and braais work like this: you bring meat (maybe a 1kg of sausage or lamp chops , or chicken , or whatever ) and the meat gets put into a pile and it gets braaied and served, buffet-style

Not Like this: you bring your own meat to braai by yourself and eat by yourself

So unfortunately for me, who brought meat for myself, I was actually quite embarrassed when I got there. But anyway It was temporarily lived (the embarrassment) and I must say I actually had a great time.
The meat I brought for myself was added among the meat that everyone else had brought, so it wasn’t that bad of a situation to say the least, but at least I've learnt a valuable lesson, about bring and braais'
I learnt how pictionary is played. I played it 30 seconds styles , minus the drawing , minus the actual rules of the game. It was not that easy , but it wasn’t that hard. FYI: playing Pictionary the way pictionary should be played is actually a great deal of fun. So, remember that when faced with a strange game you’ve never played before, just read the damn rules , you'll be fine.

Being at the braai made me realize how ant-social I've been these couple of months, and I was talking non-stop which goes to show that my mouths' been dying to say a great deal. I really wish  could add on to everything I've just said , but there's really not that much to tell, especially since the braai was a non-alcoholic one. Don’t get me wrong, I'm not saying that having alcohol there makes for a good time, its just that with alcohol, people are more inclined to dance, and not just sit on the couch and make small-talk. Granted, the alcohol has to be controlled, because even a bountiful amount of alcohol can turn a situation sour.

I hope I've aided those that are going to a braai in a couple of days and those that are planning on having one. With these tips you can never go wrong.

If you'd like, you could, comment your own bring and braai stories, or simply your opinion on what makes a great bring and braai, and which games could be great fun.

WEEK 31 : A Summary Of My Week

I have a feeling that most of you really like my About B page, so I decided to start a section called, " Summary of my week" to give the B Fans a glimpse into my life, almost HD, but not quite (Full HD will be my YouTube channel, watch the space, great things are coming ya'll)
So, anyway, I think I should do this in an organized way so you know the kind of crisis' I face on a daily and the struggles of being an African, South African young lady, trying to pull of Adulting but failing 99% of the time.

I woke up early on Monday, and for the rest of the week (but I'm only going to mention that once because repetition gets annoying) due to workshops that I was having, so, this required me to be on campus by  08:30 (but then the lecturers came thirty minutes later). This reminded me just how much I really hate attending class and why my decision to study at UNISA was actually a great one. I even forgot how to make lunch (because who carries lunch to VARSITY?, LAME much?), but since I don’t have a job - Correction, i'm temporarily unemployed, getting lunch money wasn’t in my budget, or an option, so I had to make that bread and butter for lunch -lies, I just put pies in the oven, and let the heat do the work.
We weren't being assessed on this day, we just had lecture sessions which were really boring and I started to question why I even attended, even though I had a bit of editing to do. The plus side was that I got to sign up for the Friday slot which gave me ample time to edit my video art and music video after assessing the criticism some of my class mates got.

Same process in the morning as Monday, nothing interesting actually, except I never got round to editing my work because my day just had lots of stuff in it - a busy bee I am indeed.

Peoples' works were getting grilled by my lecturers. One white girl, created a video art about Nyaope, (of course with a black guy as the user) and because she's white and hasn’t even smoked Nyaope or even had an experience with it, she got criticized on trying to tell the story for someone else. It's like how I cant do something related to white privilege because I haven't experienced it - but have been a victim of it, so, I can't create a video artwork depicting what it's like, I could, however, do a video depicting its affects, that I've experienced personally.
My lecturer did a video art on white privilege and how she's drowning in it, it was pretty great

We watched this creepy, yet thought-provoking short film called "He took his skin off for me" it’s a metaphoric way to depict the deterioration of a relationship, I really liked this short film, and afterwards we dissected it in terms of meaning and so forth. By the way, he literally took his skin off for her. Literally. Yep.

I presented on Friday, it was okay, the comments were okay, I really don’t want to get into it though, because they said a lot of things, I recorded it, for future reference. I can say, though, that I know which areas I need to work harder in and so forth. I'd say the main thread to the criticism was my lack of a creative, out-of-the-box, artistic thinking, and because I made my music video the mainstream, standard way, there was nothing different about it. I'm glad we get critique from our lecturers, as this helps us to create better work in the long run, and helps me to take criticism from everyone, who'll be critiquing my work.

In Conclusion
It was a busy week, but I learnt a lot from this week, my posts were delayed due to an overload of work and I realized I have to actually develop a schedule for my posts, especially since I'll be in Cape Town, in a couple of days. I forgot to add that ever since Friday, I've been in a Gqom mood. I've been bitten by the Gqom bug, seriously, it's all I've been playing since Friday, I also lost my mouse, which seems to have literally disappeared on me. It’s a serious guys, because editing blog posts, is a struggle with the track pad, I'm thinking of putting up "Lost" Posters all around the house , maybe someone in the house Is holding it hostage, I don’t know, I can only hope that that’s the case because if I've lost it , I'm confined to using this trackpad, forever.

Pieces Of MJ

They say a picture tells a thousand words, so I really don’t see the need for an introduction.

Pieces of MJ is an up and coming photographer, whose work not only mesmerizes me, but makes me appreciate her content, as well as photography, as a whole. Trust, me After looking at her Photos, you’ll wish you could take pictures like her.

This is the digital interview I had with her.

Define photography - in your own definition.

Photography, for me is a secret place that is unexplored, a fragment of the universe Unknown, Unexplored, Unimaginable and where souls belong to.

Walk me through your thinking/thought process when you decide on what to shoot, because I’ve noticed from your pictures, it’s not spontaneous photography, but rather, well thought out.

This is very hard, but I usually think that photographs need to be very deep and rich for the audience to indulge. My thinking process is when I look at other people’s work and be like “but then if you did this and that” then that’s what I do. I hate rules so I want to always bring out the unexplored in my photographs. The process is “just do it and work with what the person brings.” In simple term, my best work comes when BOREDOM strikes.

Which medium of art interests you the most? Your love for abstract art or photography?
My abstract work, I LOVE that, it makes me feel like I'm in another dimension, in this lifetime. I wish we, as human beings, were that abstract. I try to bring that in my photography.
Explain what your greatest photography set / theme was/is and why you think it’s the greatest/love it.
Wow!! This is a hard one. My greatest set, I can say, is my latest shoot the SUNFLOWER series and I also have another one, it’s for thick girls and nudity, haven’t named it yet and haven’t shared it. The latest sunflower series is beautiful and I think it’s the greatest because there's just a lot behind that madness. I’m a sunflower baby. Sunflowers symbolize me, as MJ, strong and tall, all that yellow makes one feel warm.

How did it feel when your set of photos where selected for EyeEms’ premium selection?

Out of this world! Even better, I can say, out of this universe and finally my photographs are recognized! It was like eating Oreo's and Milk. But, to be honest, I cried for a minute, because I always doubted my work I don’t know why, because I always feel like it is not good enough but after those emails I was like “can the universe just keep on opening up”

What are your plans in terms of your photography?
My plans are to always bring out the abstract in whatever i’m dealing with, show the other side of life. Oh, and start shooting MALES, they also need to be seen on another scale, bring out their sunflower warmth.

Her photography is phenomenal , and if you'd like to grace your feed with multitudes of her photographs , or would just like her to take pictures of you ( at a cost of course, the arts ), follow her on Instagram , or email her on: