A Close-up Perspective Of Self Acceptance

Self Acceptance is something a lot of girls in todays' generation battle with. We as women are constantly scrutinized and looked at through a magnifying glass. We are objectified and expected to look and behave a certain way. what makes the situation even worse is: this is not only done by men but by fellow women who ought to be standing together in solidarity and yet we allow ourselves to be societies spectacle.

I recently had a digital interview with the awe-inspiring, gorgeous & Confident Gcina who, in this article will shed some light on her road to self acceptance.


"Self acceptance to me, is embracing your flaws and not caring what society has to say, because society will always have something to say about anything and everything."

 "I've had a few attempts trying to accept myself but society brought me down each time. I would say in 2015, towards the end of that year, I really started accepting myself. This time I saw things in a different light , I did it for myself and no one else."

And Just as every journey has its beginning, there's always a reason behind every journey, I asked her what prompted her to go on this journey of self acceptance, she replied: "I was sick and tired of hating myself because of what society didn’t see as a norm" 

It takes us a while before we realize that society's standards on beauty and how we as women ought to look, conduct ourselves and etc is a completely unattainable standard that, in the process of trying to reach that standard, it breaks us down.I asked her when did she realize that accepting herself as she is, is enough and that she didn’t have to be like the Instagram girls teenagers idolize, she replied: "In 2015. I read an article on Facebook and people were bashing a fat woman for doing a sex scene and it was then that I realized that society is messed up and no matter what you do they will always be ready to bash the next fat girl for anything. I then decided to walk a little taller, dress as I wanted and try not to care what people thought of me. I realized that day that I was robbing myself from self love and I didn’t want that anymore. For the first time, I looked at myself in a mirror and fell in love with my flaws. My flaws represent me, uGcina, with my big arms, big tummy, big thighs and fat rolls. I realized there is no other me, life is too short to be spent hiding away and that it was time I love myself regardless if the next person wont. God created us all differently and if society doesn’t love big then why should I hate myself for what they don’t love? I love my big!

"I used to cover myself up in long tops which fitted big on me, I starved myself , tried different diets but they never worked, I honestly thought to God , "Why ME?", "Lord, why did you make me big?", " I don’t like my Big!". Looking in the mirror was hard as I didn’t want to see my big thighs.

"I see myself now, as a beautiful lady whose come a long way to accept herself, I'm in love with myself . I love being in my own skin, I love walking around naked, sleeping naked. My Family and friends know this by now. I can finally say I love myself for who I am. I wear whatever, without stressing what people will say. I honestly do me now. It’s a beautiful journey!

Sometimes when we go on a journey of any sort we struggle, we have bad days and sometimes we wake up and its like we're back to square one, taking this into account I asked her if she's ever woken up and felt like she's not happy with her self anymore / back to square one, she replied: " I honestly don’t even think of giving up on my journey, like I said earlier, on I've attempted accepting myself before but I fell down. This time something is different. I do, however, have days where I don’t feel sexy, you know? But even on those days, what's important is that you love yourself. I'm big and I'm loving it. My big is beautiful.

Getting some words of wisdom from someone going through a journey you think of going on can be extremely encouraging , and so I asked her, what words of advice would she give to any girl out there struggling with self acceptance and she replied: " Self Acceptance is so important and with having the media influence us to dictate what we like or not, society tends to leave a lot of souls feeling worthless and uncomfortable in their skin , but I would say to any young girl struggling to accept themselves is to try not to care what people think. People will always have something to say, so try to start shutting the world out with their opinions and go on your journey, with God by your side to give you strength. Also, another thing that could help is to find a group of big ladies - Like minded people who are dealing with same issue as you- and talk about the things you face on a daily, motivate each other, be each others' support system, That helps a lot. I don't think of giving up on my journey because I know I'm not the only one. Self acceptance leads to self love, you can never love yourself completely if you haven't accepted yourself.

uGcina would love to answer any questions women out there have for her regarding her journey of self acceptance, click this link and you can get asking away. She would love to share some more personal insight into her journey to any of you who are interested.

She aspires to inspire other girls who were like her, struggling with their self image.

Always remember, Empowered Women , Empower Women.

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GALATA - The Most Affordable Bakery & Coffee Shop

Photo Taken From Galatas' Facebook Page And Edited By Me

Everybody loves coffee, students love coffee shops.

Galata a new, Turkish inspired,  coffee shop based in Braamfontein- it is a definite must go.

Normally coffee shops have outrageous prices and cakes that look really tantalizing but for R45.00 a slice you'd rather day-dream about having it in your mouth than to actually buy it. Well , fear not because this hot shot coffee shop is A F F O R D A B L E.
I feel like it was created for the average student who is for fees must fall and knows how rough these "streets" can be.

What are the perks besides the fact that it's affordable? Well for one , their food is A M A Z I N G. They have this Smit burger that’s really round and basically has the roundness of a cake that one person could eat alone, its tummy-filling , taste-buds'-ride-on-the-highway-to-tastefulness . Literally a kid in primary school, who gets R20.00 pocket money and thinks they’ve won the jackpot would be extremely happy there.

Photo Taken From Galatas' Facebook Page And Edited By Me

They have these really cute miniature scones which are soo delicious and like R1 each , so like even if you have R5 you can rock up into the store and feel like you're carrying a million bucks. The employees are all happy-go-lucky people but not to an intense level, like hippy nation vibes - no offence to hippies - but what I'm really trying to say is that they're extremely friendly. An example of this is that my friend was accidently bumped by one of the waitresses, the waitress felt extremely bad, she gave her a cupcake on the house. A blue , Oreo-stuffed, deliciously decorated cupcake for absolutely N A D A! Just because she bumped her , even though uLungile - my friends' name - had said she'd forgiven her.

Photo Taken From Galatas' Facebook Page And Edited By Me

To top it all off its next to the immigrant - which plays great music at night. It's next to the sign that says "BRAAMFONTEIN" in bottle caps . So you can snap a quick pic of yourself and your homies, "doing the most" in braam and let people on twitter, Instagram and Facebook know that you are the it THANG.

Sorry, "THING" because like , nobody says "THANG" anymore.

it's Super Student-Budget Friendly So :

Don’t Forget to check this place out! Its really worth the hype.

Online Shopping - The easiest and most efficient solution

If you're at a loss for gift options, NEWS FLASH:  Having your friends' gift delivered to them can be the BEST thing ever. I've never had any problems with shopping online , besides the fact that they don’t take DEBIT CARDS.
Okay, Clarification :  They do, but you have to go through this whole process of calling a certain number and blah blah blah. This is the only thing that makes online shopping less of an ease than in-person shopping.

BUT fear not because there are other payment alternatives.
I know with Superbalist you can pay cash on delivery ( which was really great because when I was shopping for a gift online, my debit card was refusing, I was really frustrated and cash on delivery was extremely easy. )
shopping online is an extreme treat when you're a first-timer on the site, because they give you discounts on top of discounts. Well… they generally do give discounts on top of discounts, not just when you're a newbie, its just that the percentage is a lot more when you first sign up and order your first item.

The only disadvantage though, is when it comes to clothes. You don’t really know if a certain piece of clothing will look good on you or fit well regardless of the size chart aids. Even with this, there are return options where you can swop out your item for a  bigger size , a smaller one or just a complete return of the product.

With spree - Listen to this , it’s a first hand experience - I was sent a bralette from a friend down in the western cape , the bralette was a size too big so I emailed them, sent the required documentation - since everything is sent online ( original order documentation ) and I had a physical copy of the order details, it was a breeze. I had the bigger size picked up and a smaller size delivered a few days later, all without any extra costs. They really do go the extra mile for their customers and I appreciate that. 

The most obvious reason why online shopping should be a thing - or a bigger thing than it is at the moment -is this: THERE ARE NO LINES!  Now, I don't know about you, but I really hate waiting in line for stuff that's NOT food ( my tolerance level for food is really high ) so online shopping was basically a gift given to me to fill out in-person shopping time with other stuff , like scrolling through social media.

unfortunately , without a job ( i.e ME ) I cant afford to shop online and some require a delivery fee ( which i don't have ). I know Superbalist doesn't charge a delivery fee so ill be forever buying things over there.

remember if you're fresh out of gifting ideas, have their gift delivered by their door! it'll be such a pleasant surprise that they wont even care whats inside the box , well momentarily.

Is That Art?

Its the outcome of that expression that is art - Photography and quote by me
This is definitely something everyone thinks about, its what I thought about looking at this Sculpture.   IS THAT REALLY ART?

I mean there have been a couple of questionable artworks out there, like for example, pictures a 4 year old drew, an empty canvas and even a dot.

I suppose people think that art has to be specific , it has to address a message , make a political statement be a juxtaposition and so forth. They have these imaginary standards / guidelines on how art should look like and what it should tell people who look at it.

A common misconception about art is that in order for something to truly be art it has to look exactly like the picture you took of yourself, that you now decided to make a self-portrait, using oil paints, on an A3 canvas, WRONG.
If art was to be defined as the creation of exact replicas, of real life observations, then photography wouldn't exist.

Art is defined by the artist. whatever I think is art, is art, and perhaps some wont view it the same way but that's their problem.

Art doesn't have to be perfectly carved arms , and eyes on a self-portrait sculpture .

We each express ourselves in different ways , and its the outcome of that expression that is art.

So next time someone questions your art, Laugh. Laugh at them.

New And Improved Dove Formula

copyright Nsalemane
A few Days ago I was lucky enough to receive these babies via post , courtesy of Rubybox!
I Tested both the Dove original antiperspirant with the new and improved dove formula and the invisible dry one which was tested on 100 colors.

I was more excited to try this can because with my previous deodorant , it'd leave stains on my black and white clothing which I absolutely hated - there's only so much a washing machine and the worlds #1 Washing powder can clean off.
I tested this for 4 days and the results were extremely impressive. I made it a point to wear a black top on the first day and a white top on the second day and a slightly blue top on the third, all three t-shirts were stainless!

Likewise with the Dove Original - in terms of the results. I tested this for 3 days and it also exceeded my expectations , with the 48 hour protection dove states it has 

Overall what I really liked was the fact that when I spray it , it doesn't leave white residue on my underarms which actually, can do a lot for your confidence , especially in summer ( unless your underarms aren't shaved and you have a mini-bush growing underneath there ).

Another attractive thing about the products is that they smell really good! So even if you're sweating (like, for example, you're at the gym getting your gym on ) you can still smell fresh, and if you smell fresh , you feel fresh!

You can get yourself a can over here.  

Conference Eats

I attended my first conference with my dad. It was the My broadband conference -if I recall correctly because I mean lets be honest no one really goes to conferences for the conference but for everything else in-between.

The conference was held at Galagher Convention Centre in Midrand. I must say the conference venue was really ... gorgeous (for lack of a better word) its a neat space , and the conference hall with the desk and stage is even more impressive. the seats are comfortable and you get a free small, cute water bottle accompanied with a pen and a blank note pad where you can make notes and so forth.

what I really liked about the conference was the food. The food was AMAZING and there was never a shortage of it. it was served buffet style but the lines weren't painstakingly long  (surprisingly) 

For breakfast , chocolate as well as cheese filled croissants , muffins and an abundance of free coffee.

Truth coffee was there !! which I really appreciated since I've been dying to go there because a friend of mine recommended it to me and I didn't get a chance to check it out when I was in Cape Town recently. At least I got the coffee - minus the experience - which is better than nothing.

Lunch was the picture in the beginning of this post and i'm not really sure what lunch was , I'm pretty sure the small bowl there is some sort of chicken Breyani - which by the way was really delicious.

Besides the well prepared food, there was also the matter of the "Gifts" you get for participation of a mini-put-put game or listening to what the people from different displays have to say. I just remembered that the conference was about cloud computing. i got pens , bottle openers, entrance to competitions to win an iPad  and car ( which you fill in before the conference starts ) a Chinese box of sweets, free coffee and a mini tub of cotton candy.

Conferences are awesome. They even offered desserts and cocktails.

Conference eats are a definite 3/5 for Me 💚💚💚.

Pilaten Black Head Remover

I  had the privilege of trying out the new Pilaten Back Head Remover mask , Courtesy of RubyBox.  Its my first time ever trying a mask of any sort,  so naturally I was extremely excited to opt in to receive the products and to actually get chosen to review it! Not only does the mask remove black heads  but skin impurities as well.
First things first , there are a few T's and C's that you absolutely have to adhere to especially if you want to see results and they go like this:

You should clean your face with a face cleanser ( optional but recommended to clean any additional impurities on you face )
  1. Steam your face by either doing one of the two :
    a) Microwaving your face cloth for about 30 seconds and then putting it over your face. - This method is easier than the second one in terms of things you have to do but the face cloth does lose its heat faster so you have to continuously heat it up in the microwave.b) boil some water, put it in the basin or in a small bucket and cover yourself with a towel over the water - of course the steam can be extremely hot so you should wait a few minutes before covering yourself.
    You should steam your face for approximately 10 minutes or more or until you feel your pores are sufficiently opened up.
  2. Pat your face -- don't rub it as this may close up your pores - so as to dry it
  3. Apply the black head remover mask , apply it evenly , slightly thicker around the edges so that you can easily peal it off when it's time.
  4. Wait for about 10-15 minutes or until you can feel that the mask has dried up completely and then peel it off - during your waiting period you can scroll through social media, tweet, snap, anything.
  5. Moisturize moisturize!
Comments about the product ? 
It left my skin extremely soft after I used it which is great because i'm all for soft , and clear skin.
I'd definitely recommend the product to anybody who isn't afraid of painfully taking the mask of , and would love to get rid of their black heads or simply have soft skin.
If you're interested in getting the product , you can get it here or alternatively here.

First Exam As A Long Distance University Student

So I just had my first exam about a couple of hours back , At 11:30 to be precise. My exam venue is The Heartfelt Arena in Pretoria. It's about a 15 Minute drive - even less if my dad is feeling like a sports car driver- from where I live and so I literally left the house at 11:00. I wasn't nervous at all because I've written dozens of exams in high school and this wouldn't be any different. 
The only difference is that it's multiple choice, well this specific exam - I have a visual Literacy module which has two written essays for the exam ( Wish me luck, essays' are lit in uni) - so I don't have a lot of writing to do. 
It's crucial that you bring your own watch so you can see when the window period to leave is ( One hour into the exam and 15 minutes before the end of the exam) which is by far the most attractive thing about university exams. 
That's exactly what I did , My exam started at 11:30 - you have to be seated 15 minutes before the exam starting time , So 11:15 in this case - 
And I left the examination room at 12:37. 
*Insert Happy Dancing Emoji here*
The exam in itself was okay. I don't want to say more than this at this point because when my marks come back I could either get the biggest shock of my life , be extremely happy because it's more than I expected or the middle option, Be neutral about it ( The " If I studied that section more I would've prolly gotten ten marks more ). 
The examination process was extremely effortless and easy. I thought it'd just be Introduction to Art History (ARH1501) students only, But that's not the case. 
[Side Note: ] As I'm writing this I crave chicken licken. 
There's a girl sitting next to  me who's eating that . 
There are other modules writing as well and at the entrance there's a bored that tells you which row you're in and from seat number what - to what [ ARH 1501 - Row 4 , Seats 1-10 ] So finding my seating place was easy and I didn't even have to ask anyone. Let me leave the details here because if I continue to write any longer , It'll basically be those rules and regulations papers a University gives you about the way things work when you write exams. 
I'm extremely happy with UNISA apart from the fact that my lecturer marked my first assignment I submitted and the completed one I resubmitted two days later which resulted in a visual literacy (ARH1501) Mark of 30% and a side note on the cover page of my first assignment stating " Good luck with exams" - which I really felt was a " Good luck with exams because you're going to need it because your work was  mediocre if not poor".
But other than that issue which is currently being sorted out, All is well 
[ Side Note: ] UNISA is soo chilled vibes especially since I'm doing a BA in Digital Visual Arts. My stress levels are -0% Actually. 
Oh and PS: I'm definitely going to Chicken licken now. 

Eau Thermal Spring Water

I Initially thought this was some sort of cream / lotion with thermal spring water as an extraction. That's not the case , It's a small , light & portable can of literally thermal spring water. It has many uses from nappy rashes, to getting rid of redness and helping your make-up set to simply packing it in your cosmetic bag on a long road trip to your summer vacation. I thought, however, that it really didn't have any use for me since I wasn't in any of the situations above so I sprayed it on after bathing everyday and to my surprise it actually made my skin softer.

I had had a slight rash on my face and the next day after applying the water it started to disappear , two days later my face was clear. I'm addicted with the spray and apply it throughout the day , long after I've bathed. I'm currently in CPT and the heat can be unbearable so the spray is extremely useful to relieve the heat. Despite the product making my skin softer I really don't see myself buying this unless I have an excess of money to spend, or a baby that has a diaper rash.

It's not really student friendly. The target market seems to be for 18-year-olds and upwards but I don't picture any university student buying it.
You can cop yourselves the spray at any Dischem as it's recently launched there