18 September 2018

CastleLiteSA Makes #HERSTORY 🍺

I hope you guys get the play-on-words within the title because it'd lose its effectiveness if I were to explain it within this intro. Moving along, I had the privilege of receiving Complimentary tickets for the #Herstory event from Glamour South Africa.

Naturally I was excited because as we've all seen Castle Lite is about breaking down Stereotypes and giving women representation in said to be male-dominated industries. I think earlier on this year they were the first beer brand to recognise women who drink beer! Really, they're shifting the focus on women and making sure we get the much needed recognition and appraisal.


31 August 2018

Dear Body x Marie Claire SA

Marie Claire has recently collaborated with female celebrities to present to us the "Dear Body.." Movement. Leeyonce, Zodwa Wabantu & Khanyi Mbau just to name a few, are one of the celebrities that were brought onto the campaign. They've been gracefully photographed nude and their "Dear Body" thoughts posted on twitter. Since the launch of the movement, Marie Claire's mentions have been increasing with "Dear Body" sentiments from females all over South Africa - perhaps even internationally?

I love this movement for several reasons but the one that stands out to me is that it encourages body positivity. In a world where women are held to unattainable beauty standards, we need movements like these to remind our young millennial women to appreciate their bodies.


30 August 2018

Slaying At This Adulting Thing: The School Edition

Photo by Jonathan Daniels on Unsplash

Remember in my first edition of the "Slaying Adulting series" I talked about finances? Well, in this edition we're moving onto Education. This, for me is an important aspect of adulting because we spend a huge chunk of our lives in educational institutes where we encounter many temptations, go through mental and emotional breakdowns ,all for that degree we've put our hopes and dreams into. It's tough but we keep grinding through the struggles. There are different aspects I'd like to focus on and if you feel there's something I should've added that I didn't cover, feel free to drop your comments below!


17 August 2018

Forever Femme Superbalist Picks

Photo Taken from Spree.co.za

Embracing our femininity as empowered and powerful females in a "Louder for the patriarchal men and women at the back" kind of way has been a long time coming. Feminism is causing disruption and women everywhere are turning the volume up for the people in the back. It's both invigorating and empowering to be in an era of time where women are saying "Enough is Enough".

Fashion's played its fair share in this with feminist statement T-Shirts making their way to the list of trends among 2018. Upon looking for a gift for someone dear to my heart, I stumbled across Superbalist's "Forever Femme" picks from the various brands they have and thought it'd be  great to showcase my faves.

A fierce and femme look is a great way to showcase your femininity in a way that says: "I'm a bad-ass boss babe, don't play with me". ☝💁

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