21 May 2018

The Best Time to Buy Flight Tickets ✈✈

There’s a saying that goes: “You make your money in Joburg and you spend it all in Cape Town” and perhaps this is why the Johannesburg to Cape Town flight route is one of the busiest routes in the world. I'm not entirely shocked as this is my most frequent route. The highest I've ever paid for a flight ticket on this route amounts to 1.9k (for one ticket 😒) and it definitely dented my wallet. Needless to say I was quite broke for the duration of that month - It was April.

I thought that booking flights well ahead of time was all I needed to save some money when it Came to mini-vacays over the weekend (I learnt my lesson the hard way) but, I've stumbled across even more helpful tips.Timing is key, knowing when the best time to buy an airline ticket  is can save you a lot of unnecessary heartache that comes with booking a 1.9K flight ticket.


15 May 2018

Balancing my 9-5 with my 5-9

This year I really underestimated the pressure and stress that comes with balancing school with work. People/I make it look effortless when in reality it’s a bucket-load of work, stress and exhaustion.

I changed universities this year and adjusting to Varsity college with UNISA’s perceptions did not go well. I was introduced to something called turn-it-in / safe assign and got issued with a warning for plagiarism – all in one semester. I now participate in online tests and tasks and the workload isn’t just the prescribed textbook, lecturer slides and extra resources but also the learning units underneath each module on the online platform. WORK, WORK, WORK and more work.

1 May 2018

May Letter From The Blog Editor

Can you believe we're literally a month away from being halfway through 2018. Scary isn't it? For me it's because in June I need to have a little sit down with myself and assess how I've progressed throughout the +- 6 months of the year. Check my goals, my achievements and milestones. it's basically going to be a reflective period. If things need to be adjusted they will be and if I need to reality-check myself, I will do so.

Overall I'm quite okay with how everything in my life is going, even though I'm neck-deep with school and the stress it causes me. My positiviy reassures me that I WILL πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺkick ass when it comes to examinations - If I stick to my study timetable then everything should be okay. My goal is to basically pass the first semester. I'm not being unrealistic and expecting distinctions, I just want to pass. The distinctions part will come in second semester.

I've certainly underestimated the work that goes into balancing school and a full time job. Not to mention my side hustles, it's a lot but I've realised that putting in the effort is necessary to see progress hence why I've solemnly vowed to do better next semester and in my upcoming examinations.

March & April have been fairly good to me - life in general actually. I'm looking forward to studying for exams (it'd be the first time I'm opening my textbooks), using my Entertainer App (Lots of 2 for 1 meal deals at great restaurants) taking much-needed mini-vacay's and banging inspirational blog posts that currently working on publishing within the coming days - check the Facebook page and all my social media so you don't get FOMO.

I recently started a YouTube channel which currently only has 2 videos up. I'll be posting weekly and the content will go hand in hand with the blog and you'll get to know me on a more "Personal" Level through my 'The Babe Behind The Blog' Category. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

I've adopted a spirit of learning and acquiring new skills - my iBooks library is filled with self-improvement books that I plan on gradually reading. I'm dead-set on becoming a better me - not physically... more like internally.

Overall May is really a month for re-structuring & re-assessment. I also couldn't be any happier than I am right now. Despite the stress, I can see a lot of progress within myself, school, my endeavors and my job. Positivity is really doing the most. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ My advice to you this month of May is to take the time to de-stress because it's examine season and some of us tend to get overwhelmed. Self-care and mental health care is just as important as studying for your degree - it's actually even more important.

27 April 2018

The Boss Babe Guide To Curbing Unemployment πŸ’ΈπŸ’°

Unemployment is a real thing. SO, take a few moments to appreciate the job you have right now (like me) and stop complaining... unless you work for a really crappy boss and your job just sucks.

There are a lot of millennials looking for a job to cop the 5 year experience that the Junior content producer job posting says is a crucial requirement. None of us wants to be in a position where we're just enjoying the student life and the only job we can land after university is an internship that pays R3000 (They don't all pay this amount so relax) and you still have to pay off your NSFAS debt. Hectic. Imagine slaving for a whole 6 months, living off of R3000 which barely covers your needs? - unless you stay with your parents. Even so, be grateful you scored a paying internship because some internships don't even pay.

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