17 August 2018

Forever Femme Superbalist Picks

Photo Taken from Spree.co.za

Embracing our femininity as empowered and powerful females in a "Louder for the patriarchal men and women at the back" kind of way has been a long time coming. Feminism is causing disruption and women everywhere are turning the volume up for the people in the back. It's both invigorating and empowering to be in an era of time where women are saying "Enough is Enough".

Fashion's played its fair share in this with feminist statement T-Shirts making their way to the list of trends among 2018. Upon looking for a gift for someone dear to my heart, I stumbled across Superbalist's "Forever Femme" picks from the various brands they have and thought it'd be  great to showcase my faves.

A fierce and femme look is a great way to showcase your femininity in a way that says: "I'm a bad-ass boss babe, don't play with me". ☝💁


20 July 2018

Slaying At This Adulting Thing: The Finance Edition

Adulting is hard and you best believe that because I'm not the only 20 - something year old who has said this - there are quite a few of us who have. So listen, I'm about to break it down for you so that maybe you have it a little easier than i have lately. In this post, I will breaking it down into the financial aspect of adulting. I'll have follow-up posts that speak about school, friendships and relationships.

Of course I've got to start with the cash money because chances are you're currently not handling your finances in the right way. Our generation is all for splurging over the weekend, living our best lives and not worrying about a single cent - unless you consider hustling Mc Donald's money as a worry (I did this once after a night out clubbing (it's safe to say I've got this hustle thing on lock).


13 July 2018

My Scars Don't Define Me, I AM CLAUDINE 👊

I Stumbled across Claudine when I was casually going through my Facebook timeline. A mutual friend of ours had shared a post where she had uploaded a beautiful picture of herself, with make-up on, smiling. It wasn't the scars she had that captivated me but rather the caption she had put. I stared at the post for a while, in awe at how confident and full of self-love she is.

We all have our own stories to tell, stories of physical, emotional or mental scars. Make no mistake, our scars do not define us but rather how we overcome them does. Inspired by Claudine's positive approach to her scars, I decided that I had to interview her for the blog. See, our scars do not have to be like claudines' - physical burn scars, perhaps we're battling with self-love because of the extra fat around our waist or because of the shade of your skin regardless, we can learn a lot from Claudine, her confidence & her self-love


23 June 2018

Intern At Night, Self-Made Business Woman By Day

I live within a generation that is tired of working for corporate companies and interning for a meager R3000. My generation is all about acquiring entrepreneurial skills and becoming their own bosses. It's not just young millennial men who are hustling but women too. There are numerous millennial babes who are grinding just as hard as men if not, harder. One such boss babe is Kgaugelo Dolamo. Founder of Dolamo Hair. 

She's a hospitality intern at night and a business woman by day. How does she balance everything at once? Seriously .. I'm struggling here. She recently registered Dolamo Hair, a business she started of glaming babes up with fresh hairstyles for their matric dance and for slaying in their daily lives. This babes is making serious moves. She caters to a wide variety of women, she does braids, dreads, weaves and her business is not only limited to the ladies but the gents too. She's a woman of many talents who endeavors to learn and do more while she's still young. So, naturally I HAD TO interview her for the blog because like ... I really want to know how she does it! well, the answers are down below 👇👇
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